Niqaabee or Muntaqibah?

From Abee Ruqayyatah Timeem ibn Aaws Ad-Daaree, may Allah be pleased with him,that An-Nabiyee, sallallahu alayhi wa sallama said: “Ad-Deenu An-Naseehah (the Religion is of sincere advisement)”, we said: To whom?”To Allah, to His Book, to His Messenger, and to the leaders of Al-Muslimeen and to their common folk”. (Muslim – 55).
After hearing this word Niqaabee for a while now as a term describing a woman who wears the Niqaab, I decided to see if this is the correct word to use to describe these sisters who struggle in this path, Baaraka Allahu feekunn.
First off, this word Niqaabee isnt found in such books as Al-Mu’jamu Al-Waseetu (the Intermediary Dictionary), nor is it in Al-Mu’jamu Al-Wajeezu (the Concise Dictionary). As for The Hans Wher Dictionary, its states: niqaabi: cooperative; syndicalistic; syndicalist; trade-unionist. And in the Al-Mawrid (the Resource), it states: niqaabi: union, syndicalistic.
In Webster’s New World Dictionary it states: syndicalism: a theory of trade unionism in which all means of production and distribution would be brought under control of federations of labor unions by the use of general strikes, etc. – sydicalist.
The word “naqaba” means: to bore, pierce, perforate, breach, make a hole or breach; punch or drill a hole (through), as well as other similar meanings, Allah knows best.
I also called our Shaykh Aboo Abdul-A’laa Khaalid ibn Uthmaan, may Allah preserve him, and asked him about this word “Niqaabee” and its meaning. He, the Shaykh told me, that a niqaabee is someone who works with his hands, fixing and fashioning steel, metal, wood or anything similar. Who he works in factories/warehouses or similar to them. he said, as for naming a women who wears a niqaab, she is to be called Muntaqibah. He said that this is the correct word that is used to name her as, not niqaabee. I also talked to one of my teachers, he also said as Shaykh Khaalid said, that muntaqibah is the term used to describe a woman who wears the niqaab and not niqaabee. He said that this word niqaabee is a word from Al-Aamiyyah (slang) for a woman who wears a niqaab, as is munaqqabah. He said, a niqaabee is a worker/a laborer.
This is just sincere advise from a brother who needs advice and correction, more than he is to be giving advice or correction.
May Allah forgive me, you and all of the Muslims for our shortcomings. Also may He continue to guide all of the Muntaqibaat in their striving. Aameen.

4 thoughts on “Niqaabee or Muntaqibah?

    1. No problem, sis! I still find myself saying niqabi at times because it’s what I’m accustomed to and shorter lol but Alhamdulillaah I’m slowly getting used to saying muntaqibah.

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