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Week 26 of Pregnancy

Assalaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullaahi Wa Barakaatuh,

So it’s day 6 of my 26th week of pregnancy, and all I can literally say is I’m so ready for it to be over! Lol, honestly though, I’m just tired and constantly hungry all of the time. I also have extreme pregnancy brain (it’s real), I literally can’t seem to remember anything. I actually didn’t even remember how many weeks along I was until I checked my Glow Nurture app- yeah, it’s that bad.

I will say though, the best part of being this far along is that I finally got to find out the gender a few weeks back- IT’S A GIRL!– and to say the least, she is constantly kicking and moving around but it honestly is such an amazing feeling. Seeing my belly up close, you wouldn’t think I’m this far along, but the kicks are reason enough to make someone think again.

Unfortunately, around two weeks ago, I ended up getting an infection and had to take antibiotics for it, so that wasn’t fun at all. I don’t know if it was a reaction to the antibiotics or the infection leaving, but I got extremely sick, and pair that with pregnancy, it’s not a nice mix at all ugh. It was so bad that I almost got worried about my baby’s wellbeing, but alhamdulillah, literally the whole time through, even when I was puking my guts out and had a major migraine, she was just constantly moving around and kicking, and in a way, I lowkey feel like that was her way of saying “don’t worry Ummi, I’m okay” or something, as silly as that may sound lol. Alhamdulillah though I’m on my last day today and should be finished taking the antibiotics by tomorrow in shaa Allaah.

Overall, my pregnancy has been one filled with tons of constant morning sickness, nausea, and vomiting all times of the day almost everyday even up to this point, constant backaches, food aversions which are now slowly turning into wanting to eat every ten minutes on anything I can get my hands on, and hormonal mood swings (boy are those fun). And even though I’m so over pregnancy, it’s in the way where I just want to hold my baby in my hands already. I’ve grown so impatient, I feel like 13 weeks is so far from now (I’m dramatic, I know lol).

Zawji and I are still also looking into baby names but we’re a bit set on three main names. If only we could make up our minds though. We have one main favorite out of the three, but I’m a bit weird and very picky in the way where I want her name to be so unique, a name with a deep story and meaning behind it, a name that isn’t very common, and this name we’ve mainly agreed on seems to just keep popping up everywhere I look on social media now, which in a weird way is just making me not want it anymore. Does that even make sense? Lol, I’m a bit crazy I know.

Alhamdulillah for everything so far though. I’ve been binge shopping on baby clothes- there are soooo many cute options that I just can’t decide!- and frantically, obsessively trying to figure out which stroller works best in New York City streets whilst being easy to fold and being stylish and not too uber expensive all at the same time!

Until next time.

Bint Abdillah.

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